Managing Your Identity Online – 10/15/2007 – netConnect

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    • MySpace, Facebook, and other Web 2.0 tools led TIME to name you, yes, you, 2006 Person of the Year. With such notoriety, you might want to see what your online identity says about you. What do potential employers and friends find when they google you? When was the last time you googled yourself? What impression do your MySpace profile and YouTube videos leave? Your blog? What do other people say about you? How much control do you have over what is written about you on the web?
    • Until social networking services gained wide adoption, there was very little content posted online by and about most people. Consequently, it was seldom that you would hear about potential employers googling a prospective employee. Unless they were hiring a web developer, there was little chance they would find anything.
    • Many people share the same name. People frequently pick the wrong number out of the phonebook when faced with a lengthy list of John Smiths from the same town, and this issue is only magnified online.

      If your name is John Smith and someone googles you, it’s not unlikely that the googler can mistakenly think certain information discovered (divorce, etc.) is yours. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there were a method to explain which John Smith you are? Conversely, when people google you, will they find all of the articles you have published, or will they be overwhelmed by your doppelgangers’ MySpace pages?

Who am I in cyberspace?


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