BBC NEWS | Magazine | Are there women paedophiles?

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on April 30, 2009
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    • Paedophiles are invariably thought of as men and they mostly are. But do women commit sexual abuse against children, and if so, why is it rarely discussed?

      Colin never knew innocence as a child. His earliest memories are of his mother sexually abusing him. In the bath, in his bed and in the night. Until he was 13.

Professor Kevin Browne makes this observation:
“”Stranger attacks by women hardly exist, so most female paedophiles are winning the trust of children first and either have a position of care working with children like a babysitter or they are a relative.””

He then goes on to add that the limited focus on women rather than male pedophiles may have a lot to do with the fact that conceptions of predators are socially constituted – in a patriarchal society, there is a perception that young persons should not complain about abuses of trust by women. Returning to my research on morphing of online child abuse – this feature article reminds me of how discussions of predatory behaviour have long been premised on the idea of a man seeking to “groom” children as the following CEOP commercial on You Tube shows.


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