Internet Safety 05/01/2009 (p.m.)

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  • One of the most comprehensive web sites on the Internet related to Urban Myths and Legends. Whenever I get something even remotely suspicious via email, I always come here first!

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  • Students can use this site to learn about sympathy chain letters, urban legends and myths and viruses that are transmitted as email attachments. Generally, these messages are only an annoyance, but internet hoaxes have already cost victims property, reputation, and even endangered their lives.

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  • Poetic Justice

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    • Ordinarily, the only swearing tolerated in the UK’s law courts comes when witnesses promise, on oath, to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.

      But during a messy divorce case in the court of appeal yesterday, one judge departed from legalese to quote from one of Philip Larkin’s most famous poems to warn warring parents of the effect that their fighting can have on their children.

      In a judgment, Lord Justice Wall quoted from This Be The Verse, which begins: “They fuck you up, your mum and dad/ They may not mean to, but they do/They fill you with the faults they had/ And add some extra, just for you.”

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    • Lance Armstrong loves it. Oprah’s all over it. Ashton Kutcher found a million people to follow him on it. Heck, Barack Obama used it to get elected president. So why is Twitter in trouble?

      According to David Martin, Vice President of Primary Research at Internet traffic monitor Nielsen Online, the site suffers from a retention problem. From month to month, Nielsen data says, just 40 percent of Twitter’s users return to it.

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    • “The new report of the mobile phone industry association shows that mobile
      operators have started to take seriously their responsibilities to keep children
      safe when using phones,”
      said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding.
      “However, I expect that national codes will be signed very soon now in the four
      countries where they do not exist yet – this is the case in Cyprus,
      Estonia, Finland, and Luxembourg – and I also expect the Belgian code to
      be significantly revised. Protection of minors is not a luxury, but
      indispensable if new communication technologies want to be accepted in our
      European societies. Mobile operators still need to be more ambitious to make
      measures for the purpose of protecting minors more effective in all European
      countries, and also to make content classification more transparent. The 12
      operators who still provide adult content without any access control must fix
      this situation
      . I reserve the right to come back to this situation
      in September this year to see whether further action needs to be taken.”
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    • Who should decide on the principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programmes that shape the evolution and use of the Internet? How should Governments, the private sector and civil society develop and apply these? The European Commission is hosting a hearing on Internet Governance arrangements to discuss topics such as “Progress since the World Summit on Information Society”, “Security and Stability”, “The role of public authorities”, “Accountability and legitimacy”, “Internationalisation of Internet Governance” and “Digital Divide”.

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