McAfee Newsroom: McAfee, Inc. Introduces First Online Center to Assist Victims of Cybercrime

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on May 1, 2009
  • McAfee Newsroom: McAfee, Inc. Introduces First Online Center to Assist Victims of Cybercrime
  • tags: information security, online child safety, technology

    The Cybercrime Response Unit at McAfee now makes it easier for parents to come to grips with protecting their computers form malware and other security threats. CRU provides an advice service for victims as well as providing a forensic scanning tool based on McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence. The website greets you with the following message: Welcome to the McAfee® Cybercrime Response Unit, an online help center designed to assist victims of computer crime and provide information on how to avoid becoming a victim. To learn more about the Cybercrime Response Unit, watch their 5 minute introductory video. <!– (If you do not have the latest Media Player plug-in, please be aware that you will be prompted to download it.)–>

    There is general advice and technical assistance on helping you to:

  • Determine the likelihood that your computer or computing habits may be linked to fraudulent activities you are currently experiencing
  • Work with your financial institutions and creditors to clear up any fraudulent or unauthorized activity
  • Report the crime to the appropriate law enforcement
  • Lower your risk of being a victim of a future cybercrime

There is also a section that deals with keeping the family safe.

What a wonderful facility.


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