Internet Safety 05/15/2009 (p.m.)

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on May 15, 2009
  • This Web Wise Kids cell phone safety program for middle school children is titled It’s Your Call. Based on true stories, it is an interactive game that allows users to play out difficult situations in the safety of cyberspace before they live them out in real life. The game offers teens guidance about responsible cell phone behaviors and how to use these devices to enhance their personal safety. Players become a live action character in an interactive movie and are presented with a series of difficult decisions in a slice-of-life context. The teens must make tough decisions and view the consequences of their actions in the video.

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  • Internet users in full-time education (2) are almost twice as confident online as other internet users – more than half (51%) consider themselves ‘very’ internet literate, compared to the national average of 26%. Despite this, they are the most dismissive of the risk of online crime and of the importance of basic security tools (such as anti-virus software) in protecting them against it.

    Tags: ad4dcss, digital_security, privacy, identity_theft

    • “Our study set out to establish whether online security factors vary according to age, gender, geography and occupation. Online criminals operate on a mass scale so are indiscriminate about who they target. Whether they are successful or not depends largely on two factors: firstly, how good we are at securing our computers; and secondly, how much we avoid risky activities and behaviours while we’re using the internet.

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