Internet Safety 05/29/2009 (p.m.)

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  • This series of videos, called, “Copyright for Educators,” is designed to help educators learn about Fair Use and what they can and can’t do within the category of, “Teaching” in the Copyright Act. Hall Davidson is your host.

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  • This site provides a detailed account of states that have begun taking legal action against cyberbullying. Many states are just in the process of introducing legislation. For updated information on new laws and legislation, you can go to your local senate website and search cyberbullying. Most legislation includes “cyberbullying”, though the focus of the campaign was “bullying” in general. Many states require the local district to enact a policy. For specific rules and regulations, you should contact your local PTA.

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  • Book limitations – through the eyes of digital youth. Posted by Chris Lehman and the Science Leadership Academy.

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  • The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (I.R.O.C.2) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating society about safety, self responsibility, and self accountability as well as the devastating and life altering consequences that can occur when failing to apply our concept of “Digital Responsibility 2.1C” while using the internet, cell phones and other digital technologies.

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  • Our Acceptable Use of the Internet policy next school year will definitely not only address cyberbullying, it will include a clause that states something to the effect, “If cyberbullying outside of school becomes an issue in which a student feels threatened or unsafe in any way at school, the principal has the authority to discipline the cyber bully.” It will give the school community the clear message that cyberbullying will not be tolerated and at the very least will give me a little leverage when I need it.

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    • I also asked them why they allowed certain girls to be on their friends list when they know that some of them will resort to this type of bullying, and most said because they felt they “had to.” This kind of pressure to allow “friends” on one’s site could also be considered a form of bullying, as they feel there may be consequences to shutting some out regardless of their lack of Internet etiquette.
    • As a public school principal, I can’t legally discipline a student for cyberbullying actions that take place outside of school that don’t result in bodily harm at school. However, when cyberbullying that has taken place outside of school becomes a school issue, as it did today, we must reserve the right to take action if the effects of outside cyberbullying threaten the safety or well-being of the student(s) in school, even if it hasn’t caused bodily harm…yet.
    • School officials have the authority to impose discipline if the speech has, or there are particularized reasons to believe it will cause a substantial disruption at school or interference with the rights of students to be secure. Three types of situations generally meet this standard – violent altercations, hostile environment for a student, significant interference with instruction.
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    • Why the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset was right to refuse to return seized computer material

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