Internet Safety 06/15/2009 (a.m.)

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on June 15, 2009
  • A teenage girl from Illinois survived a brutal attack by her peers that was captured on cell phone video by a male student who did nothing to intervene. Mercedes Michaels was beaten, burned and had most of her hair cut off during the attack.

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  • If nothing else, the Iranian election has shown how important social-networking technologies have become in participatory politics. This trend was particularly evident in Iran because nearly half of the country’s 46.2 million voters were under the age of 30. These voters have come of age as citizens in an era of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and instant messaging.

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    • Instead of these technologies being used to usher in a new age of youthful activism in Iran, they now serve as a window for the entire world into the repressive tactics of the regime.
    • It is difficult to tell what the ultimate impact of these technologies will be for Iran. Nor is there any proof publicly available to support the claim that the vote was rigged in Mr Ahmadinejad’s favour. But the regime’s reaction to both the accusations of foul play and to the young people who demonstrated both in the streets and on the internet, is telling. As hard as a government tries to stifle dissenting voices, those voices will only try harder to be heard, and there is little that Iran can do to stop them. Technology always seems to be one step ahead of the censors.

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