Apple squares off against Eminem in court – Technology – NZ Herald News

Posted in copyright by coda on September 29, 2009

At the lecture today we talked about the "justifications" for intellectual property and also considered the range of rights and works protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Consider section 1 of the CDPA and think about how the author/owner of the copyright can determine the manner in which the rights can be exploited:

a. which works are the subject of the litigation?;

b. who is the author/owner?;

What were the rights given to Aftermath Records?

Did the rights of the copyright owner extend to various media? ITunes?

Apple lawyer Glenn Pomerantz said it’s a case of "common sense."

"Nowhere does it say only compact discs. Nowhere does it say … not digital downloads," he told US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor.

One of the clips of the music used by iTunes without authorisation, it appears was this.
Feel free to post your comments on this blog or we can discuss this case in class/lecture.


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