A Teaching Moment For Lily Allen [Update: And *Poof* Goes Her Blog] | Techdirt

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on September 30, 2009

Ask any student or young person whether file sharing of copyright works is illegal and it is likely that the answer will an unequivocal "no"! It is easy to refute this answer by pointing to the Copyright legislation and the rights granted to authors and owners of works protected by copyright. The reasons given are: illegal file sharing reduces the "incentive" to create; it harms those type of activities that copyright law is intended to encourage; and more generally, there are financial consequences to the creative industries. How does one strike a balance between these claimants and those of consumers/individuals who wish to have access to works without payment? Or for that matter, those who wish to share music files that they have purchased?
Lily Allen’s outburst and passionate pleas deserve closer examination – before dismissing her pleas, consider what arguments could be marshalled in support.
Read the article: consider TechDirt’s strong and weak arguments.


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