Apple accused of copyright infringement… twice – Ars Technica

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on September 30, 2009
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    • In Colorado, a professional photographer named Louis Psihoyos created a mosaic of images in an arched form, which looks strikingly similar to the one used in Apple’s Apple TV commercials and advertisements. Where the photographer originally had a man lounging in a desk-chair, Apple replaced the space with the Apple TV.

      Apparently, Apple and Psihoyos had been in talks over the image before the Apple TV was released, and Louis backed out of the deal. However, Apple continued to use the image without the artist’s consent. The similarity between the pictures is quite obvious, and it’s hard not to believe that one of the two parties used the work without the consent of the other.

    • Check this
    • The Law on copyright does not give the author/owner absolute use/exploitation rights. This is important. One of the issues we looked at the lecture on Tuesday was how IP rights can be justified. We can turn the question around us, what should be the scope of the rights enjoyed by the copyright owner? By posing the question in this manner, we now direct our attention towards the question of balancing the respective claims and interests of all parties, and not just of copyright owners. Do you think that the rules that determine when infringement takes place are examples of the "balancing process"? Use the example given above and think about the Justifications and the rules on "Restricted Acts".

Compare also on You Tube: Avril Lavigne’s  "Girlfriend," and "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by James Gangwer and Tommy Dunbar.
See this video on You Tube


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