Reflection Time on Grokster

Posted in copyright by coda on October 6, 2009

Have a second look at the following information on the two cases:

Have a quick look at the ruling here.

Go here.

What do you think? How did they get hold of your Internet Protocol address?
Who are these guys? Isabella Barwinska?
Copyright law is relevant here too.
Familiarise yourself with some of the background set out here and the Supreme Court ruling and attempt Question 2 of your Seminar. You do not need the Post-ruling, briefs and testimonies. Remember: Academic Honesty. Always attribute sources by placing quotation marks or a footnote.

The US case of Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios. Compare this ruling with the HL ruling in Amstrad (the twin deck recorder case)
Now consider this site.

Why do you think this site is not the BPI hit list?
Also in the FAQ:
What countries is Spotify available in?
“Spotify is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain. We hope to launch in more countries in the future.”

What can you not do on this site that could be done on Grokster?


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