INQUIRY -"Can we keep our hands off the net?"

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on October 19, 2009

The All Party Parliamentary Communications Group (apComms) was created in July 2007 when a merger was completed between The All Party Parliamentary Group on Communications, The All Party Parliamentary Mobile Group (apMobile) and The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG).

The apComms group exists to provide a discussion forum between the communications industry and Parliamentarians for the mutual benefit of both parties. Accordingly, the group considers all communication issues as they affect society informing current Parliamentary debate through meetings, informal receptions and reports. The group is open to all Parliamentarians in both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

On April 22nd, apComms launched an inquiry into Internet traffic to assess regulation of ISPs and a range of Internet traffic issues from behavioural advertising and privacy to child abuse images and Internet neutrality to answer what role Government should play when it comes to Internet traffic. The Open Rights Institute provided a summary of the inquiry.

The key findings of this Inquiry have been announced at the Parliament and the Internet Conference on October 15th. The report of the 2008 Parliament and the Internet Conference is available here.

The final report can be seen here. The Report concludes that “much of the problem with illegal sharing of copyrighted material has been caused by the rights holders, and the music industry in particular, being far too slow in getting its act together and making popular legal alternatives available,”

See the article by Lessing on Against Transparency, if you have yet to read the section on digital music.
Joho has this and other criticisms


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