Internet Safety 10/25/2009 (p.m.)

Posted in Uncategorized by coda on October 25, 2009
  • I am a citizen of the Republic Turkey. A non-law activity against my country’s constitution and against the international treaties signed by my country is being maintained.I have tried all the ways for an objection against this non-law media, I couldn’t achieve my voice to be heared by any authority. Yes, in my country the freedom of the people is detained because they have no money. Also, the people over 65 thousand are in prison because of the unpaid cheques in my country. Over half million people are being wanted as a result of this crime- if it is a crime. There are one million and seven hundred thousand uncovered cheques. One family member of tens of thousands families is absent in my country, hundreds of thousands of people can’t go their homes because of their being wanted and under this circumstances the remains are trying to maintain their lives in a way. The living conditions,which are already became hard as a result of the global crisis, become much more difficult because of our country’s corrupt and unfair law system. Actually the time which is given in the law enforcement about the uncovered cheques ended on the 31st of December, 2008 and the crimes about the uncovered cheques have been remained in act without penalties. Actually any courts can not punish until a new arrangement is done and the penalties given before are invalid. However, the courts are still giving sentences of imprisonment. The High Court hasn’t given a decision which can be considered as a sample yet. The decisions of the courts differ from each other. Some are taken to jails and some are acquitted as a result of the same crimes.The people who trade feel themselves under an extreme pressure.For example,in Bursa a businessman called Akın Düzgünoğlu couldn’t pay his cheque costed 1200 Turkish liras and he hung himself in a storage when the court had given an arrest decision for him. If Akın Düzgünoğlu had encountered fair decision authorities, he wouldn’t have killed himself. The paradoxical decisions of our courts have damaged the trust to our country’s justice. If the law is in the equal distance to everyone then there is justice in that country! Thousands of people who were punished as a result of the uncovered cheques are being kept in prison illegally more than 3 months. As being victim citizens,we haven’t achieved to create an effective impression neither in the press nor in our parliament yet although we have tried to correct this situation. Even though our each media agency and our parliament know that we are right, they all remain silent to our struggle and they prefer to be near the lawyers who create the largest portion of their income from the cheque cases and provide benefit from these cases as well as the banks and the pawnbrokers. It is unacceptable for a person to stay in the jail for five years although he hasn’t done fraud or theft. The existing debt has to be paid by working not by staying in the jail. Their families also have difficulty as well as the victims in jails. This situation which is not worty of the human dignity is actually the signal of the real crisis for the humanity because of its despairing ten thousands of families and because of the fact that many children have to be grown up with absent family members. Money can buy a house or a land but it shouldn’t buy the freedom. After the economical crisis, the people who have not been able to collect their cheques due to the reason that their business has been spoiled have been sentenced to 5 years of prison penalty and they are subject to psychological besides physical health threat. In case a penalty to be given for a crime is prison, the second penalty given through aggravating the living conditions is a violation of human rights. Our country is facing acarid and pig influenza. In spite of the pig inflenza which has been raised to 6th alarm level in the world and accepted by the World Health Organization as uncontrollable, no precautions are taken in the prisoner visit days and thus the prisoners and their visitors become subjected to health threat. The prisoner visit days, the people coming from all around the country, the number of people rising 5 times and the unhealthy conditions create anxiety. It is known that about 200 thousand cheque criminals are being sought for. The prison capacity in Turkey is 80 thousand but as of the date of 01.05.2009, there are 117 thousand prisoners in prisons, and by the effect of the crisis and due to imprisonment of business men who could not pay their debts, today the number of prisoners has reached 148 thousand…

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