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Some really exciting activities during Cyberweek 2009

Simulations and Demonstrations:

  • Debategraph – Debategraph is a collaborative online dialog visualization tool with a strong public policy focus, currently being used by the Amanpour program on CNN, the European Commission, and The Independent newspaper in the UK. All participants in Cyberweek are invited to help us map the issues around Intellectual Property on the Internet, using a seed map developed by students at UMass, Amherst. The aim is to build the map into a definitive analysis of the subject, in which all the relevant issues, arguments and perspectives are represented fairly and in full in a single, coherent, transparent and interactive structure that can be embedded and shared around the web. Debategraph co-founder David Price will be available to guide you through the process and answer any questions throughout Cyberweek. Join the debate here. If you have any questions or comments about Debategraph you can post them as messages on the map or visit the Cyberweek Forum.
  • Juripax Role Play Juripax has set up role-plays for Cyberweek. Participants can trial the system in various roles: you may engage as one of the parties in the pre-mediation and intake process and/or advance the mediation in the role of mediator. The role-play is comprised of a dedicated online intake to support the meaningful exchange of pre-information as well as a discussion forum and conference facility, enabling information to be exchanged, issues to be explored, ideas to be discussed and disagreements to be resolved online. You can participate as an individual without the need to form groups of players and being dependent on other players being ready and/or available (e.g. due to different times and places). Switching from one role to the other can be done intuitively by clicking on the corresponding button available in the discussion forum without needing to log-in every time as separate identities.Role-plays can be created for both employment and divorce proceedings, and there are sample case studies provided with the respective role-plays (divorce and labor) to help facilitate meaningful ‘intake’ and ‘discussion’. The available language options are English and Dutch.  A Discussion Forum topic will be opened to provide feedback as well as to debrief and exchange ideas.
  • Smartsettle eNegotiation Competition Smartsettle is pleased to sponsor an eNegotiation competition during Cyberweek 2009. The context will be a hypothetical home renovation case where a homeowner is refusing to pay the contractor’s full invoice. Participants will be paired with anonymous counterparties and will be able to exchange short messages during their negotiation. Their task will be to settle their case with Smartsettle One in order to avoid lengthy delays and costs in the Small Claims Court. Knowledge of law will be helpful in predicting what the likely outcome would be in court.The competition is designed to support individuals or groups of individuals such as Law School classes. We will recognize top performing individuals as well as top performing classes.  Instructors are encouraged to coach their students so that all of them perform as well as possible.No advance preparation is necessary. Watch a short video to learn how Smartsettle rewards negotiators that move quickly to the Zone of Agreement. Read the case description and rules, and you’re set. All that is needed is Internet access with a browser and about an hour of your time spread out over several days during Cyberweek.Register here at The International eNegotiation Tournament on October 26 (the first day of Cyberweek). If you are in a class, your instructor should register first so that you can register as a member of that class. This event is free to Cyberweek attendees.  Simply enter the sponsor code “Cyberweek” to become a full participant.
  • eBay Community Court Demonstration – The eBay Community Court is a court comprised soley of eBay members. eBay members serve as Jury members to decide if an appealed negative feedback is justified. Participants can play around by:
    1. Filing of Case
    Registering themselves and filing a case against another person.
    Party A will be the claimant and Party B the Defendant. Uploads of 1MB
    is allowed. Party B will receive an email notifying of the case filed.
    Paty B reponds to the case. Case is closed and sent to the Jury.
    2. To become a Juror
    To register as a Juror, participants can go to the “Want to Become Jury”
    section and click on Apply Now. This will take you to the Juror
    registration page. The more jurors we have the better it is for us.
    3. Voting on a Case – Once the case is closed, the case will automatically be sent to Jurors. Jurors can log in with their juror credentials and vote on a case. We have customised this demo version to have a quorum of 3 jurors and the case requires a majority of 2 to win.
  • Google Wave Demonstration as a tool for online mediation, arbitration, negotiation, public policy making and other processes for dispute resolution and problem solving:  Details TBA.
  • ABA Ethics Hypothetical Exercise – The Committee on Ethics of the American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution is conducting an activity for students.  The activity is a hypothetical online mediation raising ethical issues concerning the mediator’s conduct.  Everyone is invited to submit an analysis of the mediator’s handling of the ethical dilemmas confronted to (600 words or less) citing relevant ethical standards.  Please put in the subject line “cyber week ethics analysis.” Two members of the Ethics Committee will read each submission and they will select some of the best responses for publication in the November issue of the Section’s E-News.  Each participant will receive a certificate of participation upon submission of their analysis.  All of the submissions will be viewable at the conclusion of Cyberweek.
  • LiSimba Consulting Simulation – an opportunity to measure your skills in communicating effectively in cross cultural settings.  You can do this by experiencing an online simulation which LiSimba created, and after its completion you have the opportunity to receive a score which measures the various aspects of your cross cultural communication skills.  Then send your score on each section to me, Jane Smith, Founder and President, LiSimba Consulting Services, Inc., and I will send you a personal note giving you insights into your scores from the simulation.Along with your  interpretation and insights into your scores, I will send you a download of a portion of my chapter in the ABA GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS, Third Edition, May, 2009, for use in  your cross cultural communications.I will be sharing insights on cross cultural issues in global communications daily on the blog during Cyberweek 2009, October 26-30. and I look forward to chatting with as many of you, asynchronously, as possible through this blog.

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