National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution : PeaceTones – Using ODR to create sustainable income

Posted in copyright, social media, technology by coda on October 28, 2009
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    • Peace Tones is a global initiative that brings opportunity to musicians in developing nations and hope to their local communities. We help local artists to publish and disseminate their music in the developed world and send 90% of all revenues directly back to the musicians. Musicians agree to spend a percentage of the funds locally on development, schools, infrastructure and commerce.

      We are operating in nearly a dozen countries, with two Peace Tones albums now published and available for purchase at iTunes and Through your generosity we can continue to release new albums from promising and talented musicians in the developing world. Best of all, unlike virtually any other music publishing opportunity, Peace Tones musicians keep nearly all the revenues generated from their music.

      ODR is necessary to support the economic rights being created by these musicians in the online setting. Economic rights and ODR go together.

      Your donation to Peace Tones directly impacts the lives of people and communities in regions where economic opportunity is severely limited. You also help spread the promise of economic growth and the alleviation of poverty. If you enjoy listening to the music of the world and want to experience some of the freshest new sounds on the planet, please visit and support us.

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