Creating Responsible Mobile Phone Use Through Design

Posted in child protection, child safety, Uncategorized by coda on December 14, 2009

Cyberbullying – or bullying through the use of information communication technologies – is an example of how deviant cultures can increasingly become the norm when information asymmetries lead to society having to assume disproportionate costs. Innovative designs in technology can go some way to arresting or minimising the scale of peer victimisation. It is with these thoughts in mind that I turn to the latest attempt to use designs in mobile phone to minimise the threats of cyberbullying. I am of course talking about Bully Stop. By downloading a piece of software onto the phone, parents, in particular, are provided with readily accessible tools. Here is an example of what this piece of kit does [taken from the website]:

Parents can now:

a. monitoring children’s calls and text messages;

b. view the details of mobile phone use and history;

c. filter and control access; and

d. alert services.

I hope to try this software and assess whether the claims made by the company are well founded. The company is well aware of one possible shortcoming Рnamely, the range of mobile phones that are compatible with the software. Presently,  Bully Stop works on Nokia and Samsung Symbian S60 phones. It is hoped that there will be Bully Stop versions for Sony Ericcson, Motorola, Andriod, and iPhones not too long. For the moment, this is an exciting innovation and I hope meet up with the innovators in due course.

One downside – I am not at all sure about citing statistics from 2000.

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